Geepas Fan Heater


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Geepas Fan Heater – Adjustable Thermostat with 2 Heat Settings 1000-2000 W & Overheat Protection - Portable Lightweight Heater with Cooling Option Along Warm/Hot Wind for selection – 2 Year Warranty Compact, Portable and Simple-to-use a versatile addition to any home The 2kW heating performance and compact size ensure that the Geepas Fan Heater is a perfect choice for use at home or office. Whether it's needed in the play room, lounge, bedroom, home office or utility room, it's easy to move, place and use this versatile fan heater. Adjustable Thermostat Control for Personalized Comfort It's quick to heat up and the thermostat controls ensure that the temperature which you require will be reached and maintained. The thermostat control will ensure that heating stops once the required temperature is reached, this prevents unnecessary continuous heating, reducing energy use and saving you money too. Two Heat Settings and Cool Blow Fan: Switch between the two heat settings (1000w/2000w) to set the power of the fan or use the cool blow function to operate as a cooling fan. Furthermore, the built-in thermostat will automatically hold the temperature around the heater for supreme heating and heats up quickly. Also features a Cooler Fan setting. Overheating Protection Safety matters, with our built in Overheating Protection system function you can use this product with no concerns, we have you covered. Integrated carry handles; thermal fuse This 2000W Desk Fan Heater has been designed to deliver you the most powerful, multifunctional, portable heater. Compact, simple and lightweight design is ideal for use at home or in the office and the integral carry handle makes it easy to transport. Portable and Lightweight This Portable and Lightweight heater is designed to conveniently move your heater from room to room without any issues. Heater for small space warms you up in winter with low noise to make you sleep well and very convenient to use.