Royalford 1200ML/60Oz Vacuum Bottle.


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Royalford Vacuum Bottle is an essential travel and household item and is a handy tool for enjoying drinks in hot and cold seasons. It is suitable for office, school, sports routines and traveling. Here are a few key features: Portable And Leak Resistant This vacuum flask has a compact design and is lightweight. It can easily fit in your bag as it does not take up much space. It has a tight lid that fits perfectly and prevents any liquid from falling. It is leak-proof and is safe to be put in a travel bag. It can fit easily in most cup holders. Preserves Flavor And Freshness The bottle is eco-friendly it is safe to put your drinks inside it. It maintains hygiene, and by using it, you are refusing plastic bottles which are harmful to the planet. It maintains the flavor and preserves the original freshness of the drink. You can enjoy the same warm or cold cup of your favorite drink at its best flavor.