Royalford Insulated Vacuum Thermal Flask .

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You have just brewed up your beverage for the morning. Now all you need is thermal storage! Courtesy of Royalford’s Stainless Steel Coffee Jug, you can keep your beverages warm/cold for longer time using its vacuum technology. The thermal pot is suitable for all drink types from tea, coffee, water, hot and cold milk, juice, hot chocolate and more! It is made of high-quality food grade stainless steel. Their stainless steel exterior and interior is strong, sturdy and can last a long time without any problems. It has a large capacity of 1 litre, which is good enough to store several cups or glasses of both hot and cold beverages - perfect for use in the home, meetings, functions and catering use. Elegant brushed finish is complemented by non-BPA lid and handle for ultra-safe food and drink consumption. Another great feature of this double wall isolating jug is the screw top lid. The lid of this stainless steel flask can be screwed on normally and ensures that no liquid or beverage spills or falls out of the flask accidentally. Simply press down on the release button to start pouring then release to re-seal the jug. Easy grip stay cool handle offers convenient one handed use – and it’s simple to fill, drain and dry.Keep every drink at just the right temperature with a little help from the Vacuum Insulated Pot. Vacuum insulation technology with release button not only locks in heat and cold, but also flavour and freshness. It is not only convenient but also has a sleek and minimalistic design. Now you can carry it to work or for your yoga class in style and enjoy refreshing drinks whenever you desire.