1.8L Rice Cooker with Steamer


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With three handy functions – cook, steam, and keep warm – the Geepas 1.8L Rice Cooker with Steamer allows you to choose how you prepare your rice. Perfect for cooking all types of rice, this cooker also comes with a measuring cup and spoon so you can get it right every time. The large 1.8L capacity enables you to cook up to 10 servings of rice at a time – so now you can make large meals for special occasions and big dinner parties with friends. While the ‘keep warm’ function allows you to go back for seconds, keeping the rice warm for as long as you need. Other features include: 3-in-1 functions: This pot features three different functions; cook, steam and keep warm. Tempered glass lid: This rice cooker has a sturdy lid made from tempered glass and a stainless steel rim that fixes it into place. It does not get smoky and lets you watch your rice as its being cooked. Non-stick: The inner pot is made from non-stick material. This coating allows for tasty and healthy food without burning. PRODUCT ID: GRC35018UK