12’’ Desk Fan | 43W


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It is a small but powerful fan that can be easily used. It produces a strong airflow on the highest option! With 3 Adjustable speeds. with this powerful motor, you can enjoy cool breeze of air, in hot summer, making it ideal for beds, tables, desks and shelves. It makes the desk fan extremely suitable for home and office use. With an enclosed design and high quality fan guard, it makes sure to keep your kid's fingers safe. A timer function is embedded in the fan, which allows you to control the operational hours of the fan. The timer is available for 60 minutes. After running for the set duration, the fan will automatically get switched off. Comes with 5 plastic blades to give you desired level of air. In case the rechargeable fan is faulty or any of its parts are broken, you have the opportunity to return your product within 24 months. PRODUCT ID: GF21113-GR