Geepas Beauty Ladies Shaver | Cordless Detachable Shaver


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Geepas Beauty Shaver is a mini ladies shaver to trim and cut even the tiniest of hair on the body. It is small, and compact, therefore, is very easy to use. This mini shaver removes even the smallest hair with effectiveness and ease. It does a quick and long-lasting job and saves your time and effort. Cord-free and with micro-grip technology for enhanced follicle removal, treat yourself to silky smooth skin with less pain and greater convenience. The floating foils comfortably follow the body's contours so even hard to reach places can be tackled gently and effectively, which enhances the ease and convenience of the shaver. This particular technique also protects the body from any potential nicks and cuts. The shaver has removal head, and you can simply wash it with water after each use. It is designed so that the hair does not get stuck and allows quick and effortless cleaning. Battery-operated design brings great convenience to cordless use & avoids the trouble of charging & waiting. (2 AAA Batteries not included inside). With this Ladyshave. You can return the appliance within 24 months in the event of a breakdown or malfunction of any of the components. PRODUCT ID: GLS86035UK